BLAZON Debut Collection


BLAZON is a new label creating exuberant and vibrant scarves.  Unique in their geometric design this DEBUT Collection features prints which are graphic, abstract, and modern.

The collection is designed exclusively by Graphic Designer Natasha Coverdale from her Hove based design Studio.

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Natasha took inspiration for the collection from Modernist Art and over 10 years working with branding and identities; “I have spent many years making shape and colour work hard to tell a big story, to represent a person or company. I have a close relationship with simple shapes! I wanted to create geometric patterns and landscapes seen to be as beautiful as a floral print.”


The name BLAZON comes from the visual description for a flag or a coat of arms.  Coverdale says “Scarves are a fabulous medium to proudly display our allegiances and rejoice in

who we are and how we feel. I want to be comfortable, playful and sometimes dramatic!”

Each scarf style is named after an influencial character or friend in Natasha’s life.


All Scarves are designed in the UK and made in the softest rayon so that they drape and fold beautifully around you. They are hand printed by a small artisan producer in Bangkok – a family run business who first screen printed Marimekko’s work. The soft Spun Rayon is half natural, half man made to hold colour.  They can be washed at 30 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about spilling cocktails or anything else!


Scarves are sized at Oversized 1100mmx 1650mm

Large Square 90mmx90mm

And Small Square/Pocket Hank 25mmx25mm

They are created in batches with limited numbers and exclusive packaging.

now available at Boston&Boston

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