London Fashion Week – Starts Friday


There’s something in the air and its not the change of weather……it smells like Autumn…..and there’s a faint smell of CHANEL…….Ah! It’s September so it must be time for London Fashion Week.

If you’re involved in the fashion Industry then this week is a heady mix of stress and excitement…..the huge amount of planning and work that goes into each show…of course its all worth it when the models take to the catwalk…

It all looks incredibly glamorous, however In reality its a mad rush of running from show to show in high heels (usually in the rain) and trying to hail a London taxi cabs….(Usually without success!)….I tend to arrive late and a hot sweaty mess, then its deep breath compose and enter…..


Must admit to feeling a little excited when I opened the post to a flurry of catwalk invites this morning.  Looking forward to Pam Hogg’s SS14 show and newcomer Ong-Oaj Pairam. When all said and done a little rain and some throbbing tootsies won’t stop me from enjoying the fashion event of the year, and checking out what’s in store for SS14!

Can hardly wait!


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