Two men and a Tree – Poison Ivy and the Sycamore

We are lucky enough to have the most enormous sycamore tree at the bottom of the garden.  Its huge and beautiful and stands proud guarding the border of the garden.

I love sycamore trees, remember playing with the winged seed pods like helicopters in the wind when I was a child.  It has one of those huge thick trunks with silver green bark which seems to go on forever and a natural seat in the middle created where the tree has decided to grow in two directions.  Also don’t get me onto the leaves, like its sister maple leaves, huge five-fingered leaves, the kind you find in the Autumn and take home and they curl over and crumble in your fingers.

So our poor tree had been overrun by Ivy, now I like Ivy, love the colour, love the look but it was simply strangling our beautiful tree.  Something must be done!  Pa and Hubby surveyed the tree, much scratching of heads and tea drinking ensued.  Me and Ma got a little bored and popped to the shops and when we got back.  Wow!  Much less Ivy, much more tree and its revealed a little more garden we didn’t know we had!  At the moment it looks a little bare but I know it’s looking stronger already and will spring back soon.

So far we have only known our Sycamore in Autumn and Winter but I’m hoping its huge leaves and grand canopy will provide those lovely shady spots in Summer…..I cant wait

Here’s some pics of the Pa and the Hubby doing man type gardening stuff


Deborah Simpson Boston








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