What’s in a name?

Ever since Sarah Jessica Parker wore the iconic ‘Carrie’ necklace in Sex in the City women around the world have longed for neck jewellery bearing their own name (that and Laboutins, Jimmy Choo’s and a Cosmopolitan!),

Why? because it’s personal, from monogrammed luggage, cufflinks to jewellery everyone wants a gift that’s been made especially for you.

Name necklaces tend to be handwritten in either silver or gold and because of that they tend to be expensive, so for years although I’ve wanted a necklace I never really investigated having one made.  That was until  my friend and award-winning jewellery designer Sam Ubhi decided to launch a handwritten name collection. Whoop!

Within the week I was bejewelled in one of Sam’s hand written necklaces.  Mine says ‘Boston’ it’s my surname (and a bit more exiting than my first name).  Shortly after friends followed, people actually stopped me to ask me where I’d bought it.  Not only are the necklaces bespoke, and utterly beautiful but they are affordable too!

It’s also worth saying she makes a beautiful handwritten ‘Love‘ necklace and a ‘Beloved’ version…..or if you have a special word for your special someone………..needless to say PERFECT for valentine’s day!

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