London Fashion Week A/W 14

Yesterday was valentine’s day, Friday 14th Feb, it was also the start of London Fashion Week A/W 14.  So I probably spent about half an hour with Mr B in the morning and and hour in the evening before crashing, I got flowers and gave a poem about an Orange (very apt if you know Mr B!).

So on to London and the shows. I took my Ma and Pa, they are investors in Boston&Boston and wanted to know what all of the fuss was about……Ha! Little did they know what they were letting themselves in for!

Train, Somerset House, showrooms, exhibitions, Freemasons Hall for the brilliant Jamie We Huang catwalk show, upstairs at Freemasons for the strange but irresistibly beautiful Napsugar presentation (all arranged by the brilliant team at Pop PR).  Stop for lunch, crikey! Then on to see new talent at Ones to Watch, stop for a breath and a cab ride across to Mayfair for eagerly anticipated Amanda Wakeley Salon show, too early, so coffee in Browns Hotel (real piano player, lovely loo’s).

Amanda Wakeley’s salon show was amazing and we got front row, which was going well until one of the models snagged her full length coat on my Ma’s heel, the model was super professional and managed to apologise and carry on…..Phew!

Time for a rest off to The Mayfair Hotel for respite in their lovely lounge bar, finally a delayed train home due to inclement weather and eventually, tired and emotional off to bed,  I slept like a log, so did my folks.

I asked if they liked it, “Well it was something different” they said.  All in a days work for my Senior Investment Buyers with attitude!

Perhaps I should take them every season?

Love DSB X

PS More on the shows later….







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