Top Tips for a Luxury Flight

I love travel.  The fun begins for me when you get to the airport.  I adore luxury but can’t always afford business or first class travel.  However there’s no reason you can’t make the most of of your flight. Here’s my top tips….
Fan-Alicia-Dress (1)1/ Always look like you’re flying first class.  I was flying to the states once and my husband was flying first class (company perk) and I was in cattle class. I wore my best designer dress (Modern Love) and floated about the cabin, the cabin crew asked me where I got the dress and liked it so much I got a double upgrade to first.  Its been known as the upgrade dress ever since!
2/ Moisturise & drink water.  The air con in aircrafts dries your skin. If you want to look like a celeb stepping out of first class moisturise and drink water.
Picture 43683/ Take the correct luggage.  Check your allowance (different with every airline) You don’t really want it to go in the hold do you?  Pick a bag thats right for purpose, if its a business trip take a briefcase, if its a beach holiday take a beach bag and a city break you could possibly get away with just a trundley (wheel trolley) this will save you time and money.
4/ Be nice to the check in staff and cabin crew, if anyone can help your journey better they can. You may not get an upgrade every time but if you want an extra glass of water/paper/magazine not to mention toys or baby wipes they are your best bet!
Busta XL5/ My best on flight trick is to take a bag inside a bag.  Fedon produce a range of pouches, I have one for my flight docs and passport and another with money, magazine, moisturiser and phone. This way when you store your bags in the overhead lockers you can stow away your small bag in the pouch in front.  Makes it a lot easier than getting up every time you need something from your bag.
Bon Voyage!
Deborah Simpson Boston x


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