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I write this blog today as a reformed character.

I’ve spent years abusing my skin by not taking off make up, too much sun, coffee, alcohol, and late nights have added ‘life’ lines!

For the most part of my misspent youth I revolted against skincare regimes in favour of a hot muslin cloth and a bit of elbow grease.

I’ve realised for some time that I needed something a little more industrial.  I’m not lured by a fancy bottle or a designer name, what I needed was a more scientific, natural approach, What I found was DELAROM.

Those clever Parisians, founder Christine Benet and her expert team have developed an advanced natural brand with aromatherapy benefits, virtues, qualities and results.  Scientifically based, the natural aromas and balms treat the skin so deeply you instantly feel the benefit.


After one month of a DELAROM skincare routine I have more moist, fresher, purified skin, and I’ve discovered some star products, Hydrating Balancing Aroma, (It’s life changing!) Objective Jeuness Lifting Cream and Exfoliating Face Mask, both peel away the years and lift the skin.

Delarom face cleansing gelNext week Urban Retreat at Harrods will play host to the brand with their first UK treatment menu from 13th-18th May.  It’s three exclusive facials are for a limited time only so take my advice and book now.

Objectif Jeuness

If you don’t get the chance or time to try a facial you can order from the full DELAROM product range at The Urban Retreat Boutique.

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C’est tres bien!




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