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30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2899

In todays world the pace of life is extraordinarily fast.  We consume information with the swipe of a phone or ipad, on the go.  We fly between cities, we catch trains to meetings, cabs to shows, we buy, we sell, we are non stop.


I’ve learnt to juggle a career as a fashion writer and PR with a men’s accessories brand and as if that were not enough last year we launched a new online accessories store, moved home, and decorated every room. This summer we will open a showroom in London, build a new studio, heck we may find time to buy a puppy!  I love what I do, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I often feel like a circus act spinning plates.  But as long as I’m motivated to do so I’ll keep the plates spinning.


The thing that I’ve forgotten how to do is relax.  I’m not very good at not doing anything.  My definition of relaxing and unwinding is having a glass of wine at the end of a long day whilst simultaneously watching TV, painting my nails and surfing social media.  I get bored having my hair done, nice things like a massage or facial are purgatory to me, my head races (I could be using this time doing so much more it screams). Massages and facials are not to be confused with Spa days I LOVE SPA days, the ones you spend gossiping with friends in the hot tub whilst drinking champagne.

30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2824

So it was after a particularly hectic two weeks with fashion shows in London and Florence that we retreated to Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort.  Myself and Mr B were joined by my folks Mr & Mrs SilverSimmo, we took the train half an hour out of Florence to the Villa which lies high up in the Mugello Valley.  I’d done my research, the Villa is renaissance, beautiful and spectacularly rural.  I knew it was rated high on tripadvisor and held a number of awards for its accommodation and cuisine.  I knew the rooms were a mix of rare old antiques, and parquet floors. I knew the grounds were stunning with giant rhododendrons, towering Cypress Trees and a quiet cool blue swimming pool tucked away down a path.

30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2877

What I was not prepared for was the sense of total and absolute calm.  I felt a peace which was dream like.

30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2879

We took breakfast leisurely on the terrace for hours, course upon course of fruit, coffee, bacon, ham, cheese and croissants.  The eggs and freshly squeezed orange juice are of particular note.  I drew the line at cake for breakfast but it is available and noteworthy according to Mr B.

30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2880

We lounged by the pool, in the sun, in the shade, in the pool.  I read a book in two days, I’d had it for two years and not picked it up.

30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2884

For dinner we ate three courses from the tasting menu, antipasti, primo, secondo, we washed it down with gallons of olive oil, farmed at Campestri and local Chianti.

30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 290730th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2895

The most difficult decision at Villa Campestri is what to wear for dinner the blue maxi dress or the pink? I’d come over all Helena Bonham Carter in ‘A Room with a View’.  Conversations were based on the weather and which other cities on the grand tour one had visited, Siena (beautiful) Florence (Touristy) Pisa (Perfetto!).

30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2875

At the end of the week I am probably the most relaxed I’ve ever been, It’s with somewhat reluctance I reach for a device to tune into facebook, email, perhaps I cant find the frequency and be stuck in Room with a View heaven forever?

30th June 2014 Florence and Villa Campestri 2876

So maybe the plates stopped spinning for a while, the pace of life at Campestri is slow and relaxing and divine, the plates may have temporarily stopped but this old dog learnt a new trick or two at Campestri, how to relax and find peace from an altogether quieter time.


Love DSB x

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