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I’m a big fan of Arnica Gel, my Mum introduced me to SBC’s Arnica Gel years ago, ‘Use it on that bruise”, “Arnica will take down the swelling”.  We also swear by it in our house for anything from aches and pains, to arthritis and eczema.  I can’t claim it cures either but its soothing, cooling properties certainly help both.  My Gran used it into her 90’s and my uncle calls it the miracle gel for its pain relieving properties.

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For years my Mum’s bought 2x 1 litre bottles from QVC (Today’s Special Value) and given one to me.  However just before we recently travelled to Italy panic struck!  “Mum I’m having a packing crisis; I’ve run out of Arnica!”  1 Litre bottle arrives.  We use it all holiday from everything from moisturiser to hand wash to after sun gel.

vit ace day and night

Anyway, I digress.  You can tell I’m sold on the Arnica Gel.

I recently attended a QVC press event and ended up chatting to the press lady for SBC.  I retold my story of Arnica Gel.  “Such a shame you don’t do any other collections” I mooted.  “Oh but we do.  Arnica is only one of our collections”.  “Yeah but it can’t be as good”, I said, safe in the knowledge that my family HAD discovered THE original wonder get and laid claim to it.  She smiles a wistful smile and took my address.

collagen 3 in 1

On my return from holiday amongst the usual bills I found a package from SBC.  Annalise the lovely PR lady had proved more than one string to the SBC bow.  Turns out I couldn’t have been further from the truth.  The SBC- Simply Beautiful Collection is simply vast.

Too many collections to mention, so I’ll pick out my favourites here.

vitamin ace shower

Vitamin ACE Shower Gel, with Oxysomes which delivers the vitamins direct to your skin, New Vitamin ACE Day & Night Cream, same delivery system and vitamins cleverly developed in a rich night or day cream .


The Collagen Collection includes Collagen 3in 1 Cleanser which smells sooo fresh and gently wipes away any trace of make up.  The Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum – This is a facial in a bottle.  Gently tightening and perking up tired or old(er) skin.  My revelation however is the Collagen Skincare Gel an SBC Hero Product and rival to my much loved Arnica Gel.  More absorbent than a cream, lighter than oil.  This Gel is a keeper.

sbc 3

What’s equally impressive about SBC is they don’t waste money with fancy packaging, the packaging is simple yet so useful and it’s proudly Made in The UK.

There you go folks my slightly dried out holiday skin has been cleansed, hydrated and plumped into simply beautiful looking skin.  But if you look carefully in the bathroom cupboard you’ll always find a big bottle of the wonder gel tucked away.



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