The Perfect Polish for less than Perfect Nails

I’m one of these people whose nails just don’t grow.  Ooo how I covet friends glossy nails, celebrity trends for pointy, sculpted and arty talons.

I’ve tried vitamins, oils, buffers, polishes, nail polish so ‘glue like’ the Solvite man could hang in his white overalls from a helicopter for weeks… (If born after 1985 try YouTube Solvite Man).

I do have manicures.  And oh, how they laugh, “What have you done to your nails?” in a rather tragic “Ooooo dear” sort of way, or worse, the sharp intake of breath; “Oooof!” scratches head, thinks ‘How did you do this? This!! To YOUR nails?  Utter bewilderment ensues.

At this point I should admit I have zero patience. IF I can sit still long enough for the manicure to dry, I immediately go and do something beyond manicure manners. I reach for my purse, try to put on a coat.  I fear the lady who tires to use the loo after a manicure.  It’s a definite No Go Area.  Beauticians have clearly marked the Ladies with landmine warnings for those who have had a manicure. KEEP OUT, DANGER, BEWARE!


That said, I do know a bit about the habitual nail spit and polish.  I know that my mum buys OPI and swears by it (she is one of Gods chosen ones in the nail department).


I also know that if you can find a very good Nail Fairy* then that’s half of the battle.  Fareedah of Leighton Denny has twice recently sculpted my finger trotters into ladylike perfection.  Try QVC and Urban Retreat for a good selection of Leighton and OPI products.

My new find however is a bit of a revelation.  You will probably have heard this before but really is ‘salon like nails at home’.  The brand is ZOYA.  They make collections for professionals and now for us non pro’s or beginners in my case.


Zoya is a pioneering nail polish brand that is proud to have the Big 5 Free, don’t ask me what that is, all I know it that it doesn’t contain all of those harmful chemicals.  This seems to work for me.

For the last month I’ve switched between a hot pink (Rooney) and a deep coral red (Rocha).  I’ve done my nails myself and they have taken me on holiday, swimming, and loads of outdoor stuff, plus cleaning the house and washing up, even decorating, chip free.


What I like best about the brand is the colour range (vast and seasonal), the bottles look expensive and glamorous and professional.  The price is slightly more affordable than many other well known brands, but better than all of that, wonder of wonders my nails have grown into (almost) perfect polished paws.



*I know they are technically called Nail technicians but to me they will always be nail fairies as they wave their wands to produce minor miracle mani’s.



DSB x 

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