Color Mask – My New Bathroom Cabinet Essential

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A little while ago I was asked to try a new hair colour from Schwarzkopf.  A new product to the hair care market, Color Mask was billed as not only a hair dye but also a moisturizing mask to repair dry and damaged hair, double goodness I thought! Being constantly short on time and also trying to care more about my hair as I get older I agreed and spent a day in a beautiful Shoreditch Studio with the team from Schwarzkopf and Red Magazine who planned a video shoot and photo shoot for their September magazine.



The first thing that struck me about the Color Mask is how easy it is to apply. Home hair dyes usually result in me covering the bathroom and myself in bleach and missing the bottle that I’m supposed to be mixing it in.  Resulting in some sort of streaky hair disaster, not to mention the bathroom clean up operation after!

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Color Mask is a much easier process, one tube into one pot of conditioning mask, which goes on like a luxury treatment.  You wait the allotted time (Just over 30 mins for me) and bingo, quick blow dry and you have salon coloured hair and a treatment hair mask to boot!

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Ok so on the day of the shoot I had hair care professionals attending to my hair, make up and clothes, a crack team of hair stylists, colourists, fashion stylists and photographers whipped me into the professional photos you can see in this months Red Magazine.  However twice since the shoot (which was May) I’ve dyed my hair at home with Color Mask and had brilliant results.  Even colour and the softest silkiest hair. I have swapped the warmer honey tone for a pearly platinum blonde and I absolutely love it.

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For someone like me who juggles three businesses fitting in a hair appointment doesn’t always take priority, but having a pot of Color Mask in the bathroom cabinet means in half an hour I can best use my time for a colour AND treatment.  Salon perfect hair in 30 minutes.  Boom!  Who needs the Salon?red debs 1 shot BEST tweakred debs 1 shot BEST tweak BW


Try it for yourself

Love, DSB X


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