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I don’t really like the phrase ‘Ladies who Lunch’, it’s often expressed as a derogatory term for women who have the time and money to enjoy a leisurely lunch in an expensive restaurant.  It’s often assumed that these ladies are rich, married and don’t work.  I personally admire every lady who has the time to lunch or do anything purely for her self as no doubt she is juggling a career, a relationship, children and managing a home.  Why shouldn’t we reward ourselves with some time for a lunch, a manicure or some time off?

Every six months or so I have a lovely catch up and weekend away with the northern lasses, my school friends from Durham.

I feel very lucky to say we are ten ladies in total, with very different lives sharing the common bond of a great friendship since our school days.  Three of the girls are based in the North East, three in London, three of us in Brighton and one in far flung Australia.

When it comes to meeting up it can be tricky, family, work, financial obligations, busy lives and distance get in the way, however when we do meet up its always completely worth the while, from sharing woes to exchanging funny stories we always come away from the weekend feeling much better…….What makes our time together amazing is just us being together catching up, chatting, sharing stories and lives.  Though I won’t deny if we are in a beautiful setting, an amazing city or a fabulous hotel it helps!  Be it in city or country our up’s and down’s are mooted in a bubbling Jacuzzi or after a soothing back massage, preferably with a cocktail in hand!

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Last week we travelled to Ashdown Park Hotel nestled deep in the Ashdown Forest, it’s the second time that we have visited this grand hotel and country club situated in the forest that inspired the Winnie the Pooh books.


As the girls arrived we wasted no time slipping on our terry robes and slippers before Lunch and catching up over an array of club sandwiches in the Country Club.  Next down to business, sauna, turkish, swim, jacuzzi, rest, chat, repeat. The day continued much the same punctuated by a massage, a manicure and a coffee.  As the day progressed we all felt the stress of our daily lives slipping away……bliss!

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We dressed for dinner and relocated to the hotels fine dining restaurant, courses of amuse bouche, venison carpachio, sorbet, beef wellington, chocolate cake and cheese & biscuits were all devoured, drank with a cheeky Argentinean Malbec and a gin cocktail.


We slept like babies.

Sunday was a breakfast fit for a king with traditional English and Continental on offer, we had both, followed by Sunday papers and a walk in the park.


We all left the hotel feeling somewhat full and deeply relaxed ready for work, business, family and the week ahead.  We all love our families and crazy busy lives and of course we would not swap any part of it, suffice to say a weekend away with my girls is not a luxury it’s simply become a necessary and amazing part of our wonderful multi layered lady lives…..

So call it what you like the lady who lunches or spa’s may be teased but I’ll bet she is the one with a beautiful glow and a twinkle in her eye and is enjoying the closest you can get at a balanced life x

For the Girls

Love DSB X

Ashdown Park Hotel are currently offering a Ladies Lunch Festive Treat and cookery presentation.




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