2015 – Time to review? Time for something new?

Deborah Simpson Boston 2015

I’ve been away from the blog….truth is I’ve been away from everything.  I finally stopped for Christmas and from a very busy year.

Deborah Simpson Boston HH Trees

Retreated up to the North to spend time with family and just stopped, stopped working, stopped writing, limited access to phone networks and social media meant we were cut off in a good way.

Deborah Simpson Boston HH

After having the obligatory Christmas cold we enjoyed walking the dog, crisp winter days and bright blue skies.  We got cold, we got wet, we got warm by the fire.

We ate, we slept, a lot.

Deborah Simpson Boston HH & Blue

So here it is, we are back and we feel ready.

I hope to blog more, I hope to be healthy, I hope to eat more healthy food, less bad stuff.  I hope to drink less alcohol, drink more juice, watch less telly, read more.  Stress less be calm more, See friends more, walk the puppy more, worry less.

Deborah Simpson Boston Kelloe Pit

We are back and we feel ready.

Deborah Simpson Boston Southwick Beach

Come on 2015 we are fed and rested and calm and chilled, lets have a fantastic 2015!

Deborah Simpson Boston Kingston Beach


Deborah Simpson Boston have a fab 2015 middle

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