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I like to think I’m fairly in the know about new technology, early adopter to this, first to get that, but when it comes to skincare I’m way behind the curve.

Regular readers will know it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve discovered skincare other than basic moisturiser and a wet flannel.

I’m please to report I’m now making up for my beauty cave woman attitude by trying the best of what’s on the market.

I heard about the wonders of Clarisonic some time ago, some whizzy sort of beauty face brush?  I didn’t exactly avoid it; I just didn’t think it was necessary.  I clean, I tone, I moisturise, I have day creams and night creams, eye creams and serums.  Do I really need another beauty aid with which to faff around in the morning and make Mr B considerably more agitated than usual?

The answer is an astounding YES!

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Just before Christmas between lunches and shopping, packing boxes and posting cards, too much wine and too much stress, I looked in the mirror.  A somewhat hollow eyed, crinkly faced monster looked back.  Action I thought must be taken.  I called the Clarisonic press office and told them my plight; they made a special delivery for outstanding circumstances.

I’ve been using the Clarisonic Aria since Christmas Day and the results speak for themselves.  Smoother, clearer skin.  Noticeably softer to the touch, using the sonic frequency system daily seems to have reduced the size of my pores and lines.

It has a neat timer, which means you spend the right amount of time on each area, this is also really handy for me as I’d probably be in the bathroom all day. It cleanses so thoroughly the next product you use on your skin absorbs beautifully giving you a real post facial kind of glow.

At £155 the Clarisonic Aria is a thought out buy, so, have a think about it then buy it.   I wish someone had insisted I try it 12 months ago. It’s the best beauty buy I can recommend.  If you only buy one beauty tool this year then buy this….There’s nothing else comes even close to this kind of clean on the market. Give your beautician a January break, cancel your facials and order it now.


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  1. Clarisonic literally changed my life two (maybe even three) years ago when i asked for a mia at christmas. My skin has been thankfull ever since. I got hooked after a space nk event and never looked back. I am moe obsessed eith double cleansing!! Xx

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