JAMIE WEI: HUANG #LFW – Catwalk Show

Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_001_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_002_670

Inspiration for AW15 was taken from Jamie Wei Huang’s strong beliefs on seeking inner –self through design, a young woman and her libidinous life inspired by film – Nymphomaniac. …….Need I say anymore?

If I mention leather, metal trimmings and cat o’nine tails you begin to get the picture?  However the collection also displays the feminine and gentle sides of this character with the use of pink and blue sheepskins and fur trimmings.

Whilst some of these looks may be a little revealing for many of us, Huang’s use of texture is nothing short of beautiful.

Fur detail on jumpers, necklines, and cuffs.  Pony and fur trims on bags and shoes.  Every accessory screamed, ‘take me home’.

You may not see me wandering to Tesco’s in my side boob revealing leather dress just yet but I predict that we will see these highly wearable bags, shoes and accessories in a high street near you long before the Autumn Winter Season has begun.


Love DSB X 

Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_006_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_011_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_013_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_016_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_017_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_019_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_021_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_022_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_024_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_025_670 Jamie_Wei_Huang_AW15_300dpi_027_670 shoesp2 shoesp4 shoesp5 shoesp6 shoesp7



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