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London Fashion Week is over for another season and while I may have repetitive strain injury from working a multitude of social media platforms, and feet that have the gnarly look of walking around in heels over London’s cobbled streets for five days, I’m happy to report my ‘made-up’ face survived the flash bulbs, queues and wet weather unscathed.

Which got me thinking, what is my fail safe make up look to last the whole day?  Here are my top Make Up tips to get you through an all day event…..

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1/ It’s all about the base (no trebble)

I used a mix of Clarins Everlasting Foundation and Clarins Skin Illusion, I’ve been using these for years and they are a really good combo for me. I use slightly different shades at different times of the year.  I recently tried  Urban Decay Naked Concealer which I love, and took this with me to touch up dark circles.  If you’re going to be in front of the camera a lot, a little powder goes a long way. Try Urban Decay Ultra Definition Powder Foundation, which comes in a beautiful compact with mirror for touch ups.

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2/ The Eyes have it!

I went with my old well used Clarins brown eyeliner and Clarins brown Mascara for a look that would be soft enough by day but strong enough to last the night.  Similar here. I love bright lips at the moment, but find bolder colours harder to apply throughout the day so I opted for a nude from Urban Decay which felt rich and glossy.

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3/ Touch up

So many products are now made for a busy schedules or touch up’s on the go, the new Mascara Resurrection from Urban Decay allows you to bring back your mascara to life, comb through lashes to soften mascara and get your lashes ready for another coat. Perfect!

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So that’s fail safe long lasting LFW beauty wrapped up for another season!

Love DSB X 

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