Spring Tides

Spring TidesWe’ve been experiencing something a little bit special on the South shore lately. The truly beautiful phenomenon known as Spring Tides.


Spring Tides occur when the difference between the high tide and the low tide are the greatest. These usually go unnoticed twice a month around the full moon and new moon.  Mr B and I have become a lot more aware of tide times since we brought home our Labradoole puppy, Blue,  six months ago.  We walk along the beach every day from our home to the harbour wall and I’ve become a little taken with the tide (yes I have an App).


As I was saying Spring Tides occur around a full moon or new moon, when the sun, moon and earth are aligned. In the days after the equinox last weekend the low spring tide had been pulled out to sea by the sun and the moon. Like a carpet revealing a magical hidden beach underneath, usually covered by our shores, walking on it felt amazing, beautiful, ethereal.


I love our fast moving digital world and our creative, often crazy fashion world but sometimes trading the hectic pace at which we live our lives to take time to walk on the beach at spring tide with a puppy is the perfect relaxing antidote.


Here endeth the lesson.

Love DSB x

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  1. I want to live their!!! always wanted to live by the sea how fab pics and training session much appreciated…xx

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