Scarf Love


By far the most useful and loved items in my wardrobe are scarves.

I’ve long been a lover of this silk, demure yet seductive accessory.  A new designer scarf in silk, or silk georgette is my idea of heaven.


It’s the accessory that just keeps on giving, wear it around your neck, draping from your shoulders, carry it from one shoulder, hold it in your hand or tie it to your bag Grace Kelly style.  A scarf will  keep you warm, it keeps you cool in the sun and protects you from the rain.  Hides your modesty when you laugh, mops your tears when you cry.

My Gran never left the house without a scarf, every day she would select a co-ordinating scarf from the bureau add a squirt of perfume and off she would go, ready to face the day.  The scarf is the epitome of finished style.

I’ll bet you The Queen is never without a scarf, she’ll hike the hills around Balmoral as long as she has a trusty head square in her pocket ready at the first gust of wind, to tie around her head.  Who needs a crown when you have a silk scarf?



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s also the best wardrobe update I know.  A pair of jeans,  a white T-shirt and a scarf are my wardrobe staples, I’ve also been known to wear a scarf as a halter neck top or a dress come summer and whip it off once on the beach to provide a seating or picnic area!

A love a designer scarf, a cool bit of lettering, a slogan or an iconic scarf, I wont say no to Hermes though I favour local designers like Age of Reason and Modern Love.

I’m not quite sure how many scarves I have, I dare not count for fear Mr B puts a halt to my scarf buying capers….Let it be said loud and proud…You can never have too many scarves



Some of the scarves pictured are available on Boston&Boston (and some are now in the sale!)


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