Sunday Supplement #08

Ah August bank holiday and the end of Summer, days in the sun, time away, I even managed some time off although spent it DIYing (which I secretly enjoyed).  Alas, all good things must come to an end! I’d be feeling sad about this were September not just around the corner.


For me, September is an exciting month full of fashion and it somehow nicely brings Summer to an end like a nice big full stop.  Anyhow, before I get carried away into September let me share with you some of my favourite beauty bits from August.

1, Jo Malone – Orange Blossom Cologne.  I know I’ve posted about this one before but I’ve been wearing it all Summer, so much so, it now smells like Summer to me.

2, mally – Volumising Mascara.  If you’ve not heard of mally that’s because it’s not sold widely in the UK.  It’s an American brand which QVC have introduced over here.  I have it in Black and I’ve used it every day.

3, mally – Shine Liquid Lip Gloss.  QVC sent me this sample combo and I’ve tried every colour.  They are all really rather nice, my fav is Mally’s Look which is a really nice peachy nude colour.  They have similar full size 3 packs available here.




Finally here are my top blog reads this week.

1, Stylonylon – Culottes in the Autumn.  Good Autumn wear advice and as always stunning photography.

2, Style Memos – EasyBreezy.  Now here’s a lady who knows her style!

3, Caroline Hirons – How to use your Cult Beauty Box.  Amazing lady, great advice and now a box!

That’s it from me have a fab Bank Holiday

Love DSB X

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