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As a long standing lover of SBC (Simply Beautiful Collection) I eagerly await each new collection.

When I was sent samples of the Cotton Collection earlier in the year I knew I’d like it.  First off the Cotton Skincare Gel, it’s a dermatologically-tested, 100% allergen-free fragrance face and body gel to soothe, calm and restore delicate, allergy-prone skin.

IMG_9884 IMG_9878

This mild, gentle caring gel contains Cotton extract which actively works to soothe the skin’s surface. Calming and soothing Oat Flour extract and refining Wheat Germ blend with Milk peptides to help the skin quickly regain strength, revealing a healthy, stress-free skin.

I was not the only one who quickly took to using the gel as an everyday moisturiser, Mr B loves its light lotion feel, we now have one in the bathroom as a post-shower everyday moisturiser.  We also have it in the studio for dry skin outbreaks, it’s also wonderful as an after sun lotion.

The hand cream is equally good to use on a daily basis, it’s almost an essential autumn hand protector.


Finally, the range has just expanded to include a Cotton Bathing Milk designed to soothe and comfort delicate, allergy-prone skin. Rich in nourishing vitamins, amino acids and minerals, this gentle bath milk nurture’s your skin, helping it to regain a healthy and youthful appearance. Immerse yourself in a fusion of moisturising Cotton extract, soothing Oat Flour, refining Wheat Germ and hydrating Irish Moss for a stress-free bathing ritual.

The good thing is the whole collection is suitable for all the family, oldies, husbands and babies alike, this conditioning bath milk provides gentle restorative care to sensitive and delicate skin concerns. You can buy the collection from the SBC website or QVC.


IMG_9879Love DSB X

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