Winter Workspace – The Milligan Desk

I don’t know about you but I tend to hunker down at this time of year, I light fires, candles and put up twinkly lights.

Walking the dog becomes a well-rehearsed routine of, what time is sundown today? and what’s the tide doing? To maximise daylight hours.  Going to the shops seems unfathomable, going to London extreme!

Work wise I have only the garden to negotiate down to our studio shed of calm, music, flowers, candles and zoning into work…..Except at this time of year Mr B’s work takes over our shared studio, there’s cases, and briefcases, and cases on wheels.  As well as boxes and boxes that store the boxes, and packaging and bubble wrap…..the list goes on.

So I’ve taken to finding a snug little corner of the house, the spare room, the window seat, the alcove under the stairs to find my calm Winter workspace.

My desire for an extra workplace all of my own has drawn me to the Milligan Retro Multi Drawer Desk by those clever furniture folks Atkin and Thyme.

Milligan Table cut out (RS) Milligan Table (RS)

The desk is a brilliant mix of retro and modern, with it’s quirky look of different coloured draws and handles, it exudes a flavour of uniqueness and style.  It would fit perfectly under my stairs, in the recess by the fire or the nook in the spare room.

To be fair I can see most of Atkin and Thymes beautifully designed and styled furniture in my home, they describe it as ‘Mid Century Modern’ I’d describe it as furniture for your home, for life.  High-street it’s not, whether you’re looking for a place to work this Winter or just a place of calm to sit and read a book take a look at Atkin & Thyme to fill that nifty nook!

Love DSB X


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