Skin Doctors

Do you ever have days when you look in the mirror and all you see are wrinkles?

My problem area is around my eyes, seems each time I look in the mirror another wrinkle appears.

Praise be then to Skin Doctors, the brand that provides a face lift from a bottle.


I tried Instant Eyelift and Instant Facelift, you pop them on before your makeup and it sort of works as sellotape over your skin, filling up the wrinkles and smoothing away lines.

The eyelift and facelift dry to hold the skin taut, it also lasts for up to eight hours.  I think it’s perfect for a special occasion or the Christmas party season.

I’m going to try it for the remainder of the week, follow me on Social Media to see how I get along.

Skin Doctors Eyelift and Facelift is available from their website or from Amazon


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