Dressing Your Home for Christmas

One of the best parts of Christmas for me is dressing our home and wrapping presents.

Our Victorian Semi looks very Winter inspired most of the time with dark walls and open fires. All I need to do is grab a little sparkle and a real tree and I’m set! 

Once the tree is in place and we have worked out which lights don’t work I use baubles and little decorations in matching colours. I also love feather decorations and you might spot the odd bird or pheasant nestled in the branches. 

Left over spruce or fur branches make brilliant additions to the fire place along with candles and a little crystal. Same goes for your door wreath. A ribbon here, a frosted berry there. Eucalyptus and holly also work well. 

I also have this thing for ferns in Winter. They are not too try hard just nice and green.    



I love wrapping presents. I usually go with a metallic wrap and plain old brown paper. Two other ingredients are key, last years Christmas cards for tags and real ribbon! I collect ribbon all through the year and put it to use decorating gifts! 



I think that’s me done for posts for now! Off on our road trip up north later….driving home for Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas folks! 

Love DSB x 


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