Sunday Supplement #21 

Hey, How’s the holidays going? Are you Christmas cosy or festively frustrated? Have you had it with the relies? Too much turkey? One nerve left and Aunty Mabel is getting on it? Not to mention your kids, or someone else’s kids or your parents or partner are pressing your buttons. 

Christmas can mean you’re being pulled from one place to the other.  I think the key is to plan well and not to do so much.  

This year we are staying with my parents in the north in my family home. It’s been bliss! 

I didn’t cook the bird, we didn’t have guests, ultimately I didn’t do hardly any organising and it feels amazingly stress free. I feel like I’m on holiday. Days spent walking the dog in the beautiful forests and hills of the North. Walking along the dramatic coastline and North Sea. Relaxing over dinner and chatting for hours. 



 For the next week I’m aiming to get out and about, a much overdue visit to my lovely in laws and family and friends. Nothing too formal. I’ll be wearing cosy jumpers, comfy jeans and socks and my beautiful Caravelle Rose Gold watch. A surprise gift from Mr B! 

The point about Christmas is not running around trying to buy the best gifts, I’ve not even thought of sales shopping.  It’s not about materialism or consumerism, it doesn’t even have to be about religion!  It’s about time spent with beautiful people. Your beautiful people, and the dog, of course! 

Love DSB x 

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