Sunday Supplement #28

Here we are in March and it finally feels like the beginning of Spring……finally?

On the South coast, we have been enjoying Spring Tides, when the sea goes far out and there’s a whole lot more beach to enjoy.

Spring Tides so called not because of Spring (though the best ones do happen just now) are named from the cycle of the tide and the moon, it moves in so close then springs back as far as it can like a tidal bungy.


Blue is enjoying a particularly nice time on the beach at the moment. Lots more space to run for a ball, play with other dogs and have a bit of a cooling sea plodge.

As an Island nation it’s important to have a link to the sea, we walk by the sea every day and you can’t help but admire this calm, beautifu,l sometimes angry and aggressive beast.

I’m hoping this year to engage with the Sea a little more, more sea swimming, perhaps some rowing, a little yachting who knows, life is full of surprises and so is the sea……Perhaps I’ll wait until it’s a little bit warmer, maybe just walking and occasional plogding for now.

Have a good week, people.



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