Sunday Supplement #29

The strangest thing has happened to me in the last couple of months.  I’ve had a bit of an unplanned career change.  I’ve somehow and unintentionally gone from Fashion PR to Charity Shop Champion.

I started volunteering for my local British Red Cross Charity Shop in Shoreham by Sea back in August of last year.  You may have read about my Charity Shop finds in other posts.  I found it an amazing place to spend my time, sorting donations, researching finds and meeting new people.

 More recently I’ve been spending more time in the shop finding it such a fab place to hang out and talk fashion and style while serving customers and doing a little shopping myself.  An Assistant Managers role came up in the shop and I only went for it and got it!

So PR for the moment is taking a bit of a back seat though I’ll still be looking after my favorite fashion bloggers Danielle and Natalie from Lady Loves.  I’m also still involved with fashion Accessories website Boston & Boston.

Of course I’m still going to be blogging, my spring target is 3 posts a week, so expect more fashion, lifestyle, beauty and stuff as well as the regular Sunday Supplement.

So now I’ve blogged and had a nice cup of tea from my new tea set (A great bargain from British Red Cross).  I’m off to cook a Roast and listen to Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service on BBC 6 Music…….Bliss!

Have a lovely rest of your Sunday.

Love DSB x

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