Sunday Supplement #30

How was your Easter?  Mine involved a 300 mile road trip to the North East of England to visit family and have a mini break.  Amazing food, amazing family.  We are so lucky, our families although 300 miles from us are only 20 miles apart, my family are South Durham and Mr B’s family are North Yorks.

So we hung out with our folks and walked the dog, we ate, a lot, some traditional (ham and pease pudding) and then we mixed it up some…..fruitcake and cheese? Maybe its only a only a Yorkshire thing? Try it now.  An amazing taste sensation!
Here we are at Seaham beach trying to not look so cold.   Truth is it was Windy, and we were on our way to dinner at a rather lovely coaching Inn so I found myself somewhat short on the essentials.  “Er, Mum? Can I borrow your hat?”, “Yeah of course?” ..And your gloves and maybe your coat?……Oh and your wellie boots?

Borrowing clothes with me and mum has never been a problem. We are the same stature (just about, thought the ratios change) and I have the same shoe size as mum which came in ever so handy over the years.  I remember in my teens pinching my ma’s navy blue Bally courts (gold buckle, good heel).  I sought to team them with jeans and one of my oversized Bennetton sweaters. This really didn’t work, so took drastic action and swooped in for the steal.  Mums new pristine blouse.  Not only was it ruffle trim and pie crust yolk kinda blouse, but also it was a blossom print, WAY on trend for 1988.

Lets just say my 15 year old self thought the night went well.  I think I threw up on it.  I think it was Jaeger.

Sat here on a bank holiday reminded of sharing, Mum had a whirl in some of my clothes tonight.  A scarf here, a leather jacket there, doesn’t she look ace?

I swear she looks 51 not 71!

Right up until now we still swap shoes, boots hats, sweaters, like all the time!

So up-cycle and recycle this week, go to your mums wardrobe and swap something out, and if something is over maybe donate it to British Red Cross.

Either way you will have a good time doing it x

Just a thought x

Love DSB X


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