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London Collections Men Spring Summer 2017 was the best all in one place show of Men’swear that I have ever seen in this country.  Surpassing even Florence’s Pitti Uomo our own London show had it all, international press, buyers and a plethora of Menswear from exhibitions to presentations and catwalk shows.

I caught a few catwalk shows in the new showspace for #LCM at 180 The Strand.  Denimn was strong across the 2017 shows particularly at Christopher Shannon and Ximon Lee.  All shows were very urban in theme with any tailoring following the lines of oversized, boxy and cocoon like.  Christopher Raeburn and Sibling showed lots of strong primary colour, they also showed true colours with slogans such as In.

It seems strange writing this on June 27th the day we announced a leave from Europe.  I know not one single person in the fashion industry who choose to vote us our of Europe.  Fashion with its strong fashion houses is so Euro centred.  I cant imagine how the fashion indusrtry would work without Europe they are so intrinsickly linked.

Just in the one business model of fashion, we just cant go it alone, silk is dyed in europe, leather made in Italy, lace in france, some things we can make from scratch in the UK but we dont have the infrasturcture and factories we had 100 years ago let alone the money to pay UK wages.

The fashion business is worth £26 Billion in the Uk at the moment.  We will survive Brixit but at what cost?  I hope to god you have a plan Boris

Love DSB 

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