Off The Shoulder


I’ve been away.

Busy work week followed by a holiday in France (More about that later).

This last week I have been nodding to the much talked about ‘Off the Shoulder’ trend.  I packed for my holiday carefully chosen off the shoulder tops, shirts, and dresses, ranging from Marks and Spencer’s much hailed White Cold Shoulder to varying black and blue bits from Cos, Zara, H&M.

The thing is, an off the shoulder top is not that easy to wear, the crisp white cotton types are too hot for a day in the sun yet these rather stiff garments don’t like to be tucked into a jacket for the evening.  The slinky types are reserved for parties or special occasions with far too much grip on your assets for a daytime do.

The one, off the shoulder piece I wore all week was a black lace dress from Florence & Fred.  That’s right the best, most wearable version I found costs under ¬£10 and it’s from a supermarket.

This dress has many things going for it, not just because it is under ¬£10.  It is soft and floaty enough to wear in the day, sexy enough to wear at night.  You can wrap this dress in a ball stuff it in your carry-on bag, it won’t crease. Finally, it falls subtly from the bust and so like me you can conceal a multitude of cheese and wine in your much-satisfied holiday tummy underneath. 



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