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Normandy is land of green fields, cows and cider, not too different to the South of England, with the added bonus of stinkier cheese.

Mont St Michael

Mont St Michael is the most beautiful sight across from the mainland an island of rock and Abbey surrounded by sea.  From a distance and especially at night it looks like the silhouette of Disney.  Though stunning from afar it’s something of a tourist trap once on the island.  It’s definitely worth a visit for the views and picture opportunities.  Avoid the middle of the day hordes and go by twilight.



No trip to Normandy would be complete without a look at The Normandy Beaches and history of the D Day landings.  Head to Avaranches for a hub from which to navigate the beaches.  The beaches were beautiful and history more interesting than expected.



If you are looking for a pretty little seaside town go to Joullouville.  The beach is white sand and amazing and the cafes spill over onto the streets.  It’s not a big place but it is home to a rather fancy hotel.  Hotel des Pins has just undergone a huge makeover, it’s stylish and friendly with an amazing restaurant.

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