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I’ve had a couple of weeks of not posting to the site.  Family visiting, catching up with friends and weekends away.  The usual August stuff.   So while I’ve not been writing so much I have been doing a lot more travelling, trying, tasting and reviewing.  I’ve renamed my Hotel Style section to Travel Style and I’ll be posting a whole lot more to this.

Last week and only a day after it’s launch,  I had the enormous pleasure of flying high in the skies above Brighton.

The BA i360 is an imposing sight on the Brighton landscape.  It’s been a couple of years in the planning and building so I was keen to fly high and enjoy the views.

It’s been really well organised by BA, employing flight attendants and crew to man the ship so to speak.

We boarded the 6.30pm flight which was only 20 mins late considering it was only day two and had suffered delays with the masses taking part in the Brighton Pride festival.

We took family and found all ages were catered for, views for the husband, Nyetimber (local sparkling wine) for the sister and lots of big facts for the 15-year-old nephew.

Happy Days.

I really enjoyed the flight and spectacular views, hope you like my pics.  A very enjoyable flight BA, Hope to be flying with you again soon.

Love DSB x

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