Styling Hydrangeas

I had the most amazing day off this week. I had a million things to do on my day off but rather than give my day up to admin and cleaning I drank a pot of loose leaf tea in the morning and arranged some flowers in the afternoon.

I love a flower that can give a lot, no flowers is more giving than the Hydrangea. Its flowers in big bushy crowns for most of the Summer.  We have white hydrangeas and pink in the garden. The white bush is well established and I don’t feel so bad about cutting the flowers for my front room.  I thought I’d tell you how I do it.

The flowers are white and when they mature they have a hint of pink or of blue.  However, I like them before they turn, when they are just a greeny white, perhaps with a hint of pink or blue.

So top tips are

Cut from the bottom, leave the top crowns to show off in your garden.

I cut the green and white flowers, try to cut on a theme if you are cutting pinks go pink, blues go blue.  I find white and green suit me and my home.

Try to cut the longest length of flower you can.  This may mean following the stem down to the ground, the stems become quite woody but don’t be afraid to cut back.  This gives you a long steam to play with.

I like big looking flowers and vases. I cut four to five stems for a small vase and up to ten for a large vase.

Think big!

I go multiple vases, all glass or all pots whatever your feeling.

I pull the flowers into a bunch I usually make it rounded on all sides like a posy or higher at the back and lower at the front if its needed for a mirror or wall.

Use string or gardening twine or anything really to bind.  Make it secure.

This time I had a little eucalyptus from my next door neighbour and some lavender.

Remember different heights and uneven designs look more interesting…

So this is how it looks, what do you think?

Love DSB X



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