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I had planned to write a lovely seasonal gift guide and include some of the samples that I have been gifted this year. However since my recent trip to Milan (which was to promote British Luxury Design, which is truly amazing.) I have been somewhat obsessed by Italian design.

Now my our bank balance doesn’t really allow for any of these extravagant gifts so it’s really more of a wish List than a gift guide. Forgive me while I indulge.

Sergio Rossi Shoes

I have a pair of Sergio’s. They have been good friends to me over the years attending many a fashion party or PR luncheon. They must be at least ten years old. So it’s high time I had some more. These beauties tick all the boxes. Sky High, red and crystal encrusted. Yes please.

Valentino Gown

Every girl should have one. I seriously felling in love with Valentino when they did a collaboration with Zandra Rhodes. I think this dress is exquisite. Of course I have no where to wear it but I will find a party. I’m calling her Scarlett and she is coming with me!

Just your average pair of Trainers

If I designed trainers this is how they would look. The softest white leather, studs and red fur. (Forgive me fur police but this is Milan, every other person is wearing a dead animal of choice on their person.)

They are as impractical as they are daring. If Santa delivered these babies to my door I would promise to never moan about pinched toed, sore balls ever again!

Italian lighting

God said ‘Let there be light, and there was light.’ Because he went to Milan and ordered a great big floating orb and called it the sun. Seriously no one does lighting like the Italians. Just take a gander at this sexy little shop. I can’t decide if I like the shining red foil wrapped interior or the lights themselves more. I’ll take two of each please.

Valentino Boots

I’m not obsessed with Valentino or anything but when in Milan sweetie, one can play footsie! Much Like the strappy stud shoes from Ss16 and ss17, these boots of joy consist of a leather studded strap on the outer and a red sock as the inner. Love the concept, love the bootSi! Cinderella would be pleased with these hoofers.

Doggie Style

I’d definitely buy Blue one of these super toasty goose down jackets. She would get total street cred in this doggie style down.

His brush

For the man who has everything a Gold plated tooth brush.

…and for the home

Gold plated loo brush and matching bathroom condiments. I don’t know if I’m obsessed with the luxury of this or if I think it’s obscene! Yup. I could definitely clean the loo with gold!

I shopped


Sergio Rossi

La Rinacentre

For this piece.

Love DSB x

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