Interior Predictions 2020

2019 saw even more people taking to Instagram to share the beautiful rooms in their own houses, this trend will continue for 2020, with a move away from high street stores to individuals upcycling and buying sustainable older pieces of furniture.

A lot of us live in Victorian houses with old smaller Victorian rooms painted in dark colours such as dark green and dark navy, the Pantone colour for 2020.  These dark colours will continue to make rooms feel comfy, silks and velvets will snug rooms up.

Extensions will continue to be popular with a biophilic design combining the inside with the outside.  Plants will be used everywhere blurring the lines between garden and home.  Crittal style doors and windows are ever-popular and help to enforce the whole green vibe.

The monochrome theme and the trend for darks and lights will remain although the use of more neutral colours for walls is emerging, browns and pinks are growing in popularity on walls as is the trend for panelling again nodding to Victoriana in Halls and Parlours.

1970’s use of raffia in homes on lampshades and rugs will continue, the brown theme will grow and extend to dried grasses in the home and homemade Macrame or floral wreaths adorning the walls.

Flowers for the home will continue to be in neutral colours with hues of cream, brown and tan.  Expect interior floral design to go even bigger and better this year with installations for the home such as garlands, swags and clouds.


Deborah x 

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  1. The flowers Mrs Peers sent and you delivered last evening are qite delicately delightul and I happened to have just the right vase to show them to their best advantage.

    A really pleasure to receive – you are an artist!

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