Peony Season

Last weekend marked the begining of Peony season with the much loved bloom appearing back in stock at the wholesalers.

Honest Woman loves nothing more than the stunning unfolding of the peony buds as they burst open into full colour, showing an almost different shade with every passing day.

Coral Charm Peony

So with the first Peonies on the market, we decided to operate a doorstop delivery service. Orders are placed with the wholesalers and we collect at a safe distance. Since last Friday I’ve been making peony posies and larger hand-tied bouquets for delivery in and around Brighton & Hove.

So far I’ve made posies to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘You got this’ and ‘It’s not a Harley Davisdon but they dont deliver’! I’ve also made some hand-tied bouquest for people and families who have lost loved ones due to Covid19. The most amazing thing is the face of some unsuspecting person who has just opened the door. I cant remember the last time I was so touched by someone who smiled and said, ‘You made my day’!

Safe Daily Deliveries from a distance to Brighton & Hove

Poseies £15-£20

Hand Tied Bouquets £25 – £45

Love DSB X

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