DIY Christmas Wreath

If you have bought a Luxury DIY Wreath Making kit then you now have all of the ingredients to make a stunning Christmas Wreath. Follow my ever so easy instructions on how to do it.

1/ Moss your wreath. If you have bought my DIY kit your copper wreath will come pre mossed unless specified. If you wish to moss your own wreath you attach your reel wire to your copper base and bind the moss to your wreath moving forward in a clockwise direction.

2/ Attach your foliage. Take a piece of Spruce, Eucalyptus and Berried Ivy and bind onto the wreath using the reel wire. Top of the stems to the left bottom of the stems to the right, bind 3 times around the wreath with wire. Then take Spruce and Eucalyptus, no berries this time and cover the bottom of the stems with your new bits of foliage. Move forwards in a clockwise direction (unless you are left handed and you may want to work in the opposite direction!). Continue in this patter until the wreath is full of foliage. Don’t cut your wire until the end.

3/ Before you cut your wire make a loop to hang the wreath. Cut the wire long enough to make the loop and bind the wire back on itself as if stitching into the wreath.

4/ Now decorate. Take the pine cones and bind around the base with wire. Secure and leave a length of wire to tie into the Spruce. With the Lotus Pods feed the wire through the base of the pod and leave a length of wire to bind. Cotton pods require the wire to be threaded over the pod again leaving a length of wire to bind.

5/ Add your ribbon. Add any other foraged finds and maybe twinkly lights. Hey presto! You have yourself the most marvellous Christmas Wreath.

Enjoy it and give it the odd spray of water if it looks dry!


Deborah Simpson Boston xx

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