Slow January

So far January is cold and wonderfully White with frost. Long walks in the countryside and by the Sea. 2021 seems to have a fresh glow despite these crazy times. Maybe we are taking the time to look around us? Perhaps the earth is giving us something beautiful to enjoy during lockdown? Maybe it’s always been here?

Thank you to everyone, old customers and new, who bought flowers and pampas, bouquets and wreaths during December. We have been truly overwhelmed with your support.

We are taking a couple of weeks out to recharge and regroup. Working on the website and designing new and distinctive fresh and everlasting bouquets, online workshops and figuring out new ways to work with you.

We have some limited Amaryllis plants and Pampas Grass in stock. In the meantime we will be researching new luminous and elegant blooms, distinctive dried flowers and dramatic plants ready for the last week of January.

It’s going to be exciting, cant wait for the next chapter

Love DSB x

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