The Turning Season

So here we are at the end of October its both Halloween and the end of British Summertime. The weather has listened and is blowing a hoolie outside maybe to mark this goulish of nights or maybe just to show that Winter is coming.

Its been a busy couple of weeks for me making big installations. Creating high flying clouds to last for the whole of Winter can be a tricky business, lots of netting and chicken wire, no floral foam of course, and using all of the gathered, grown and foraged flora I can.

Making the biggest Winter Installation to date began in the studio. The brief was to create an installation in The Corner House a beautiful old pub in Worthing. The space is vast so the cloud would need to be quite a size. Much running up and down ladders later and the piece is complete.

The next job was a Christmas Shoot at Albourne Estate a Vineyard and Winery in the South Downs. To provide a twinkly setting for a Christmas lunch with a stunning hydrangea backdrop and festive table setting.

Finally I worked with Laurie Life of an Interior Stylist to create a Halloween doorway complete with an autumn leaf tower.

Things I’ve learned this week, I will never tire of seasonal leaves, pampas grass still gets up my nose and makes me sneeze and although climbing ladders is good for my fitness levels its not very good for my knees.

This weekend I’m resting up, I should be putting the garden to bed for the Winter but drinking coffee, watching old films on TV and cuddling Blue are winning. Anyway the garden is looking pretty in a wet Autumn way, I’m taking more pictures with my mind of the garden as I know the flowers will soon be gone.


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