The Slow Garden

I’ve been meaning to sort the garden for the last couple of weeks. However something always seems to get in the way. I have a zillion jobs to do. Cut back the Cosmos, trim and lift the dahlias, sweep the leaves, mulch the beds and plan and plant spring bulbs.

The trouble with cutting everything back and ‘over wintering’ is that its very final, isn’t it? I’ve not been able to do it so far because it will take some effort [that I’ve not had] and because you cant undo it once its done. Anyway we are lucky on the South Coast, we have not yet had the first frosts, (although its imminent) so that dahlias and cosmos are still producing. You wont believe this but I picked this most perfect of Cafe Au Laits only yesterday.

The positive side of this lazy gardening is not just that the flowers last longer, it also means that flowers allowed to go to seed are providing food for the birds and wildlife. The Spirea should have been cut back but I’ve left its purple flowers to turn brown and the birds love it. Ditto our Privet hedge, the flowers have turned into the prettiest green then dark blue berries. The birds can feast until I pick some for Autumn wreath making.

Don’t get me started on the bracken, J has been pulling at the fern from the path all Summer what’s left has now turned the prettiest shade of rust and I’ll be using this in Christmas decorations.

So you see my slow gardening is actually a ploy to keep the garden and all of its wonderful treasures in tact for just a little bit longer.

Love Deborah

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