Jobs for January

The garden can be daunting in January. This January has particularly been cold and wet and dank.

Every time I walk to the studio I’m walking through wet leaves and past a couple of wet and now drooping Christmas wreaths.

This weekend I took matters into my own hands, the weather turned from mid January grey to winter sun and blue skies.

I decided to plant the tulip bulbs that I should have planted in December.

First I need to find the garden. I swept leaves from the deck and under the cold frames. The greenery from the wreaths goes on the compost heap and I keep the copper frames for a summer refresh.

I cut back the cosmos which is now a skeleton of its former self. Some frosted roses remain on the rose bush as distant memories of the last bloom of Summer.

It gets dark, I make tea and cut hellebores, they have done well this year. Doubling last years efforts.

I come inside, take off my boots and flop onto the sofa. It’s then I spot the tulips that I still haven’t planted. They will wait another day.

Love D x

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