Roses aren’t Red

This year I’ve decided not to sell red roses on Valentines Day. Its a bold move as the majority of flowers bought on or before Valentines Day in the UK are red roses. The vast majority 95% are grown on an industrial scale in Holland and imported across the world.

This year I choose Pink, Nude and Peach roses, imported from Ecuador, slightly better for the environment in that they are grown closer to the equator so no need for heated greenhouses. They also support small village that specialise in growing roses. They are imported on passenger planes so dont incur extra air miles and therefore have a smaller carbon footprint.

Its difficult to weigh up the best options for a florist as the whole business of floristry is pretty bad at being green, which seems ironic.

As a florist who grows a little this year I’m hoping to grow a lot, and to buy from other UK growers. This year I bought tulips from Smith and Munson and in the summer months I buy from local grower Pitfield Barn Flower Farm

Thank you to everyone who bought Valentine Bouquets this year, feeling so happy to be a little less red and a bit more green.

Love DSB X

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