Sunshine after the Rain

We have officially been in residence at Periwinkle Barn for a whole week. It’s rained every day. That’s no reflection on the barn, I actually think I’m enjoying the change in seasons.

September is part of the Summer ‘down south’, the sun shines and the flowers continue to grow, I’m usually deadheading and watering morning and night, dahlia and Cosmos are bountiful.

September feels like less of a comma or transition between Summer and Autumn here, more of a full stop.

I had plans to forage the grasses from the fields and the Cow Parsley seed heads from the hedgerow. They are after a week of rain are now wet and sodden. Although I have saved Sunflower heads (and more growing).

Between the showers I have continued to harvest the dahlias. I have two large beds, about 25 plants. I’m pleased with their colour and size although this year is all about learning. Slightly wider paths, longer beds, sunnier spots. We love all of the varieties, dinner plate, cactus, pompom and water Lilly dahlias. I’m delighted with their progress all will stay next year. Just need to work out how and where.

Today we built a coop for the hens. Well I say a coop it’s a chicken run made of old railings and chicken wire. It allows the girls to go from the old stable to the outside. We had just finished when the sun came out and the hens emerged.

We were delighted with our efforts and the hens looked so happy to be out and about. Pure joy. Sunshine after the rain.

Much Love

Deborah xxx

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