Sunday Supplement #36

A couple of weeks ago over dinner with friends, I was introduced to the Danish idea of ‘Hygge’.  Now I knew the Danes have an amazing sense of style but I knew nothing of this Scandi coated lifestyle nonsense.  Over dinner, I learned it’s the way the Danes get through the cold dark winter by restoring and recharging, and a rule, come ritual by which they live.

My dinner companions were the beautiful and talented Danielle and Natalie from LadyLoves blog.  I’ve since learned a thing or two about Hygge, with the ladies dedicating the month of October to all things Hygge related.

Hygge is about mindfulness and living in the present, it’s enjoying and partaking, friends for dinner, drinks in a nice hotel.  It’s also about making time for yourself in equal amounts doing the little things that give you so much pleasure.

I met a lovely lady this week who said she read my blog, after feeling first embarrassed, then flattered I listened to why she read it.  She explained her favourite post,  I had an unplanned day at home, and with a zillion things to do I drank a pot of tea in the late Summer sun and arranged Hydrangeas!  Totally self-centered gratification.  This is my Hygge.

If Hygge is to be ‘self-indulgent’, no, better word,  ‘self-mindful’ then Sunday is my Hygee.  Waking up late in freshly laundered sheets, a cup of tea and Monty Don on TV with his gardening jobs for the weekend.  We walk the dog on the beach or over The South Downs.  Stopping for a hearty brunch, kippers, eggs, bacon, avacado.  Whatever I like, because I’m in Hygee, I will not count calories, I shall indulge.

Sunday afternoons bring a spell of writing usually in my office surrounded by candles and flowers, today the candles are from Floris and Noble Isle the flowers are the dried smell of wheat, eucalyptus and roses.  Definitely more Autumnal now.

Writing and listening to music is my big indulgence, they are my symbiotic Sunday rights of passage.  As I sit at my desk I can hear the dulcet tones of John Peel from 1970, the sounds and smells provide the background to my Sunday Supplement writing session and make the fabric of my Hygge.  This feels good!

Once I’ve finished writing I’ll throw some meat and veg in a big pot, I might take a bath, swathe myself in delicious body potions, read the Sunday papers or watch a bit of weekend TV.

The night will end curled up on the sofa eating a warm bowl of goodness with a glass of red in hand.  Mr B and Blue doing exactly the same thing next to me.  Maybe Blue won’t have the wine but she loves a Sunday Supper.  And after we will snooze smelling of bath oils in our slippers until the time comes to put out the candle and say goodnight.

Now I know this sounds idyllic, and, of course, it doesn’t always go like this, (how many times did I rearrange the candle and my mug of tea?)  Life is not always as perfect as your Instagram feed.  In this crazy fast paced word in which we live and as a women, in particular, celebrate yourself and all that is good.  I may not go to church but I do practice a religion on a Sunday; me, home, our little loving family and the good things in life.

For more on Hygge check out Lady Loves blog here.

Love DSB

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All images DSB x

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